About Me

Pat Abercromby published her debut fictional novel in 2017, although for several years in the eighties and nineties she was a freelance journalist. Although she has always enjoyed writing, life had other plans for her, leading her down unexpected and at times, challenging pathways.

Now in her seventies, Pat finally had the opportunity to sit down and write her first novel and has since published two more books.

Pat has had an eclectic and changing career pathway which included in her early years, medical research, both in the UK and Germany. That was followed by a successful career running her own medical sales recruitment business-until- along came two babies in quick succession, a recession in the mid-seventies, followed by a move to Singapore with her husband who was a long-haul flight engineer flying the big jets. This was the start of a 16-year odyssey of living overseas in Germany, Saudi Arabia, and America. Pat worked as a radio broadcaster and freelance journalist during the years she lived in Saudi Arabia writing extensively for the Arab News, Saudi Gazette and the in-flight magazine for Saudi Arabian Airlines.

Her return to the UK saw another career change when she retrained in various massage and body-work disciplines and gained a Post Graduate degree in education. She set up a training school with her business partner Davina Thomson and for over a decade, taught Seated Acupressure Therapy courses all over the UK and Ireland.

In 2007 Pat’s husband suffered a devastating stroke and she had to give up her career to become his full-time carer. Eight years later, he went into residential nursing care which has given Pat the time and opportunity to write and pursue other personal interests, including creative writing which led to the publication of her novels Just One Life 2017, The Knife Edge 2018, On Reflection 2020

Pat has two daughters and three grandchildren and lives in Buckinghamshire.