Pat Abercromby – Author


Pat Abercromby

Author of Just One Life

One kind reviewer said, ‘Life is what happens when you are busy making other plans,’ a quote used by John Lennon.  Or my favourite aphorism, shit happens, quoted from that well know philosopher, Forrest Gump.

My main character Fran, experiences all of the above and her job is to find a way to survive through it and make the most of what is left of her life. Fran and her friend from childhood, Iona, are a double act, in turn supporting and encouraging one another over sixty years of friendship. A friendship that survives through lost loves, separations, conflicts and health challenges. The glue that binds them is a shared sense of humour at life’s absurdities. And no judgment. We all need a friend to whom we can offload.

Fran is a successful professional woman when her husband has a serious stroke and she is forced to give up her career and sublimate her ambitions and her freedom to become his full-time carer. One of the 7 million people in this country who find themselves in that situation. They all have a story to tell about who they really are and this is just one of them.


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